The Curriculum of ksg Advance foundation Course or commonly called as 2 year course is based on the concept of incremental learing and soft paddling towards the goal of securing a place in the Civil services Examination conducted by UPSC and other such similar competitive examinations.

The program is profoundly planned keeping in mind the demand of the competitive examinations. In this initiative,  we work on the overall development of the students in a very nuanced and meticulous way.

We are steering the Journey of the students in a Module based Manner for e.g.

1. Newspaper Reading Module: In this particular module Students will be taught in the classroom about how to read the Newspaper? What to read and most importantly what to leave because nothing is more important than the precious time available with them.

2. Basic Concepts Module: In this module, The Focus of the Faculties is to cover the NCERT's and Other state board books like TN State board books for History apart from this,Basic concepts and terminologies associated with all the subjects asked in the examinations will be dealt in detail.

3. Dominant issues Module: Current Issues are taken up by the faculties in classrooms and also Issues of the Month ( IOM )Magazine will supplement the knowledge craving of the students.

4. Map reading Module: Maps play a vital role in the examination and in life also. Through Atlas faculties will teach map reading and its effective usage.

5. Aptitude Skill Module/ Csat Skill Module: In this module the  Csat portion comprising of Mathematics, Reasoning & English will be covered and additionally the Compulsory paper of General English asked in the Upsc mains exam will be covered by the faculties.

6. Writing Skill Module: It is presumably the most important aspect of Upsc examination. Therefore we mold students to write since inception of the classes through myriad initiatives. e.g  (CWP)Convergence Writing practice, Newspaper Analysis Test (NAT), Pre Assessment Test PAT which covera previous year question papers, Subject wise Class tests based on teaching in the classroom, IOM questions based on Current Affairs magazine and Essay writing modules etc.

7. Book Reading Module:
Here the faculties will put in perspective the excerpts of multifarious range of books ranging from, Administrative and Management Books, Autobiographies, and Contemporary books.

Last but not the least,
Personality Development Module:
1. Interaction with Bureaucrats: In this, we introduce serving and retired bureaucrats with the students and they provide them valuable insights.

2. Conducting Activities in the classes: debates and Assignments, Research workshops for presentation in the classroom.

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For Offline- Rs.2,25,000 including GST