Distance Learning and Mentoring Programme

The motive to design the Distance Learning Program is to provide the Quality Classroom Material at your location.

You will get the complete package of printed notes for General Studies (Pre-cum-Mains). On regular basis we also provide class notes, regular tests for both prelims and mains examination and regular support via e-mail /phone.The principal characteristic of our distance learning programme is that the student does not need to be present in a classroom in order to participate in the instruction. Our distance learning materials are based on the principles of learning theories to create desirable conditions that will facilitate effective self learning, i.e. knowing the objective, follow the content step by step, involving the students actively in learning. A distance learning (DL) text is designed and written in a modular-format to help home-based students to learn themselves effectively.

The  Strength of our Distance Learning Programme are:

1. Instructional Adequacy (design, content, remediation, language, scope etc.)

2.  Program Adequacy (simulation model design, procedures, efficiency etc.)

3.  Curriculum Adequacy (design, procedures etc.)

In this Course the aspirants can expect the following Pancha – Amrita: The Five Nectars from us:

  1. Strategy Delivery – Most of the time in a DLP the students are offered only the materials and information but here at KSG we are going to provide you with a comprehensive strategy for your preparation. In this program we will provide you strategy to complete the basic textbooks like SBR, GKMK series etc through a VERTICAL PLAN and at the same time we will give you a proper strategy (Subject Plan) to cover the syllabus for Prelims and Mains in an integrated manner through day wise scheduling.

  2. Knowledge Mantra: Study Materials: In this program you will get highly acclaimed standard books covering your entire syllabus for Prelims and Mains and at the same time you will also get Class Notes of different subjects that are dictated by our expert faculties. We will also provide you a Monthly magazine of Current Connect that has comprehensive coverage of Monthly current affairs. Our Books and class notes have proved to be highly effective and in the last 5 years we have got a hit ratio of more than 70% in Prelims and Mains from our sources.

  3. Skill Development: Objective & Subjective Tests (Online): We believe in the philosophy that “Practice makes a man perfect” however we actualize the philosophy of Smart Practice. In the age of plethora of information, it is your skills that helps you to stand apart in the crowd. Keeping this in mind our core idea has been to instill that skill in you to excel in the UPSC Examination. To instil these skills in you we take the help of these tools.
    1. Objective Tests (SBR, GKMK series etc)
    2. Subject wise Subjective test - 1 per Month
    3. Current Issues Writing Practice – Subjective test on the basis of Current Issues of National and International Importance that are relevant for UPSC examination.
    4. Prelims Test Series - 5 Subject wise & 5 Comprehensive Full length tests + 2 CSAT test
    5. Power Writing – A tool to empower your writing skill in a continuous and consistent manner

  4. The Right Guidance through Videos: While the books, materials and tests have all the required content to help you to excel in the examination but a proper guidance is often the need to prepare smartly for this highly prestigious civil services examination. We at KSG are often admired for this commitment to our students and thus in our Distance Learning Mentoring Program we also provide some recorded videos to enable you to devise a smart strategy for your preparation. In this light we will provide you an orientation video to guide you about the features of this course. Not only this we will also provide you strategy video for different subjects to understand what you have to read, skip and memorize.We are taking this nectar a notch above and we are trying to make this DLMP program more interactive. In light of this we will provide you some live sessions with mentors and some faculties to discuss the subjective tests, Current affairs and your queries on regular Interval. Along with this we will also provide you Current Affairs Classes before the prelims

  5. Handholding: Mentoring & Monitoring – We understand the fact that there is a constant need to mentor and monitor the aspirant when they undertake this long journey of becoming the future civil servants of the country. We strive to become the right mentor for you in this journey. A dedicated mentor will be allotted to you who would chart your strategy for preparation. In case of any of your doubts you may contact the mentor and he/she will be there to assist you for all your questions. Not only this we will also keep a check on you. We will also monitor whether you are giving the tests at regular interval or not. The mentors will also assess your performance along the plethora of tests and will guide you for continuous improvement.

With a vision to provide transformative education in diverse parts of the country, KSG aims to create an environment conducive to self-enrichment and personality development. Our mission is to demystify the Civil Services Exam and help candidates acquire confidence and competence to emerge successful.

We ensure that our guidance process makes the learning experience more captivating, meaningful, stimulating, convenient and delightful. This process has produced enormous success stories as it is the culmination of our best minds working together to inculcate high moral and ethical values amongst our students to make them responsible citizens, compassionate human beings and competent administrators.

Revised Fee Rs: 19,500/-