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The Union Public Service Commission is going to conduct Civil Services (preliminary) examination on 4th October 2020. As the trend of last few years suggest, UPSC is focussing more on the current events that have occurred in the past 2-3 years and linking it with the pre-devised static syllabus. Therefore, in order to improve the chances of selection at preliminary stage, one needs to have an unabated attention to the current affairs section unarguably.

With ticking time it’s barely less than two months left to check your feet on 2nd June and to clear the Prelims with flying colours. In order to sharpen your tools of preparation kit, we are enlisting some of important topics (though not exhaustive) under the title named “X-factor”.

Nevertheless, along with these topics, appearing candidates would be expected and encouraged to prepare all the topics which are directly or indirectly associated with the Socio- Economic aspects of India. Also no one can deny the importance of Geographical angle to the ecology questions. Polity questions are the low hanging fruits, which would help you score rapidly. A phase wise touch to Art
and Culture would also help you prepare History related topics.

Just give a current touch to your static portion, and you could easily hone the skills required for this exam. We sincerely hope that these topics and the study material provided will help you given an edge to your preparation.