Why to Join the X-Factor Integrated Test Series ?

The Power of Integration

When it comes to UPSC preparation, only having lot of information may not be as useful. One has to have a strategy also.

KSG, continuing with it's spirit of helping aspirants by taking the preparation level a notch up, has thought of a program of Integrated Test Series.

It is an established analysis, that Prelims and Mains are not separate entities, but an integrated one. Questions/Topics that demand analysis, are asked in Prelims also and the Questions that are fact oriented help your write Mains Answer.

The inter-relation between these two have been ever increasing since last many years. Under such conditions, it always wise to consider UPSC as an integrated package and not into it's isolated constituent levels.

KSG's X-Factor integrated Test Series has the advantage of making aspirants realize that they focus on the topic from Prelims point of view while having a conscious thinking in their mind the Mains applicability. With much of the syllabus of both the levels having overlapping tendency, this becomes all the more relevant.

So, any aspirant studying a topic of Polity (for instance) for Prelims, must also understand, how that topic could come in Mains or how that could be used in Mains Answer Writing.

KSG has developed such a meticulous schedule that reflects the higher level of preparation. For any topic, aspirants are required to first give PT Tests which is followed by Mains Tests. This would develop the understanding of the aspirants and makes the topic easily memorable by the aspirants.

KSG X-Factor Test Series for IAS exam is much sought after program. This is because, it doesn't only intend to ask questions, but helps students/aspirants understand the real trend of questions and taking out the facts which might be inferred or are indirectly linked.

KSG is known and admired by the students as a strategist institution which believes in overall development of the aspirants. Aspirants ought to get benefits out of the program. Just have a thorough look to the Schedule (under Integrated Test Series , Batch X).


How to Join the Test series?

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